Alisa Smith has been an architectural colorist for nearly 30 years. She develops custom colors for her clients, and works with commercially available paint colors as well. Gifted with the ability to see  a broader than average spectrum of color, she scores 100% on the Munsell Color Acuity test. Her projects range from modest homes, to both public and private historic properties. Having been involved with renovations since an early age, she also loves the hardscape transformations of kitchens and bathrooms. Her project management skills are extensive. As a designer, her best form of flattery are repeat clients as they move from house to house (or city). Her client list includes musicians, lawyers, producers, physicians and art collectors, she is frequently regarded as "the secret weapon" by architects and clients such as Ben Stiller and Matt Sorum.  She is also back in school, finally, for archaeology. Her hidden talents include rose pruning, and a stint as a community organizer in north east Los Angeles. Born in Germany, raised in New York City, her artwork has been included in shows in LA and NYC. She paints in oils, on linen and paper, these she sells at affordable rates. Her photographs are sometimes on film, via her plastic Holga camera.